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YASKAWA SIGMA-7 Servo Drives

YASKAWA SIGMA-7 Servo Drives

In the field of industrial automation, electric motors are essential for the operation of machines and automated systems.

However, to optimize their performance and tailor them to various production needs, it is crucial to have an advanced, reliable, and safe control system.

Why Choose YASKAWA SIGMA-7 Servo Drives?

  1. Comprehensive Range of Amplifier and Motor Power.
    Compact motors ranging from 50W to 15KW.
    Iron core and ironless linear motors with peak forces up to 7560N.
    Direct drives with torques up to 600Nm.
  2. Cost Reduction:
    With a speed loop bandwidth of 3.1 kHz, the system offers reduced settling and positioning times, leading to increased productivity.
    A 350% overload capacity for 3-5 seconds ensures high peak torque and rapid acceleration. The high peak torque eliminates the need to oversize the amplifier.
  3. Safety:
    SIGMA-7 safety modules meet SIL3/PLe (Cat.3) standards.
    Integrated functions in each safety module include SS1, SS2, SOS, and SLS.
    Up to 14 safety functions are available with three different optional modules. The STO function is standard in all drives of the series.
  4. Low Heat Generation:
    Optimized magnetic circuit improves motor efficiency, reducing heat generation by approximately 20%.
    Operating temperature ranges from -5°C to 55°C, up to 60°C with derating.
  5. High Precision:
    A 24-bit absolute encoder ensures a resolution of 16 million pulses per revolution, allowing for extremely precise positioning.
  6. Fast and Smooth Operation:
    Ripple compensation meets high demands for smoothness and dynamics, even in machines where high-speed loop gains cannot be achieved.
  7. Exceptional Reliability:
    Over 22 million servo systems in use reflect YASKAWA's reliability, leading to reduced maintenance and service costs.

In conclusion, the question isn't "Why choose SIGMA-7?" but rather "Why use any system other than SIGMA-7?"

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